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Lahti University of Applied Sciences operates in city of Lahti which is one of the most innovative and creative region in Finland. LUAS is strongly focusing on operations in fields of innovation, environment and design.

It is a centre of expertise with over 5,000 enrolled students and approximately 200 full-time teaching staff. LUAS is Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees awarded, while based on theory and sciences, have a clearly pronounced occupational and applied emphasis. They are specifically designed to respond to the demands and development needs of business and industry. LUAS is an institution of higher education, and accordingly it is also active in research and development, again with a clear applied orientation and aim.

LUAS operate in the research and innovation chain near the corporate field and other economic life, which guarantees them especially good opportunities to operate as the activators of regional development. Investing in research and development as institution is the essential part of developing; specialist education, which is based on research, requires its own knowledge production for its starting point which is adapted to its purpose.

Lahti University of Applied Sciences operates currently in the following fields of study: business studies, design, social and health care, technology and engineering, and visual communication. Students are selected by entrance examination.

Lahti University of Applied Sciences is an internationally recognised and competitive university of applied sciences, which gives the students extensive knowledge to adapt to the internationalising and multicultural working life and society. At Lahti University of Applied Sciences internationality can be seen in lectures in foreign languages, international students who come from all around the world and visiting lecturers. Research and development in the international space also gives its own contribution to the international atmosphere and improvement.

Lahti University of Applied Sciences is a member of the Federation of Universities of Applied Sciences (FUAS). FUAS is the largest strategic federation of universities of applied sciences in Finland promoted by the Ministry of Education. The federation is formed by the following three institutions, which are all located in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area: Lahti University of Applied Sciences, HAMK University of Applied Sciences and Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

IDE! Interaction Design Environment

IDE! provides learning experiences related to service design in co-operation with businesses and diverse organisations. These learning experiences turn into new service concepts, study credits and R&D outcomes. IDE! learning environment specialises in the development of various contexts of interaction occurring in e.g. services, product and service environments or client encounters.

For Students

We invite students to join in to learn about service design, businesses to develop their service processes and other interested parties to develop and share knowledge and competence in service design. Through IDE!, students have the opportunity to participate in projects in which they may put themselves out there while earning ECTS credits and being a part of the service design community.

For Businesses

In our activities, we bring together different disciplines which at the moment have divergent approaches, practices and underlying culture. IDE! is put into practice together with customers, students and businesses under the theme of “individual efforts meet collective planning”. As a result, new service concepts and new ways of encountering clients will emerge.

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