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Institute for Information Industry is the important applied research institute for IT industry in Taiwan R.O.C..

Institute for Information Industry (hereinafter abbreviated as III) is the important applied research institute for IT industry in Taiwan R.O.C.. It was established in 1979 with over 1,400 researchers among 5 institutes. It was founded with the objective to “promote the effective application of Information Technology so as to upgrade the national overall competitiveness”, as well as to “establish the infrastructure and robustness to develop IT industry so as to reinforce the competitiveness of IT industry”. III has been the key facilitator to advance the innovation and application in IT domain and to develop the knowledge economy for Taiwan industry.

Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute (IDEAS)

Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute (hereinafter abbreviated as IDEAS) is one of five institutes under III. IDEAS is the incubator for Taiwan IT-enabled services and the outstanding institute to research and to assist the development of IT-enabled services. There are currently 350 researchers in IDEAS, who develop the application of IT-enabled services through the research on Service Experience Engineering and core technology. It is the most important IT-enabled service research institute and governmental Think Tank in Taiwan.

IDEAS Service Design Tasks within these recent three years:

Starting in 2006, IDEAS cooperates with international service design organizations such as IDEO, Engine or Fraunhofer to mutually share the research results on the ervice domain. The first service science methodology in Taiwan was established and called Service Experience Engineering, abbreviated as SEE.
In 2008, the first method and guidebook of innovative service research and development was published. It combines service science theory with industrial applied experience. It establishes the reference model of service experience engineering methodology, which not just provides the way of service innovation to the Taiwan governmental, industrial and academic sectors but also be assigned as the textbooks for related curriculum such as service engineering and design in various universities all over Taiwan.
On Nov 28th 2008, IDEAS organized the SEE Taiwan 2008 International Forum, which is the first service design conference successfully recognized in Taiwan, with over 500 participants from various domains including public sectors, industrial sectors, academics and research institutes.
In addition to successful cooperation between 23 universities and over 30 professors in service science and service design faculties, IDEAS also facilitates Taiwan’s famous universities such as NTU and NTHU to set up the service engineering and service design related curriculum.
IDEAS integrates over 20 Taiwan companies and research institutes to work on the application of service experience engineering by offering the methodology consultation and introduction service, so as to co-create the success cases through the industrial practical implementation.

As Taiwan’s most important service innovation research team, IDEAS obtains the above-mentioned research and development achievements and interactive cooperation in between industrial, academic and research organizations. It’s estimated to conjoin six companies in Taiwan to establish SDN Taiwan to expand the industrial impact of service experience engineering methods. It is expected to integrate the industrial strength within three years to facilitate ten Taiwan companies to establish the Customer Value Insight Research Center.


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