The official recognition by the Service Design Network for your knowledge and practical application of service design process, principles, methods and tools

Practitioner accreditation by the SDN

The Practitioner Accreditation programme by the Service Design Network (SDN) validates credibility and expertise on service design. Through this accreditation, the SDN recognises the quality of professionals who possess both theoretical and practical knowledge of service design.

Individuals who have participated in service design training by the SDN Academy or other academic or non-academic institutions – single or several courses adding up to minimum 32 hours of training, including the completion of a practical training case – and/or have been practicing service design in a professional capacity for 1+ year are eligible to apply for the accreditation.

Valuable for Practitioners and Companies

The SDN seeks to support individuals pursuing a career in the field of service design and innovation, as well as companies to get ahead of the competition by building the best service design teams.

Recognition by the industry and peers to get ahead of the competition

“In today’s market, it is vital to self-employed professionals like me to be able to proof one’s expertise.” – Innovation Consultant, Netherlands.

“Demand is already strong for Service Design in Ireland. Talented designers with practitioner accreditation will help accelerate the impact it can have nationally.” – John Lynch, Founder & Director at Context Studio, Ireland.

The Accreditation Process

The standardised accreditation process is supported and executed by the global pool of Service Design Accredited Trainers and Masters of the SDN and it consists of the following steps:

A process designed by professionals for professionals

What means to be an Accredited Practitioner

Our goal is to set a recognised level of knowledge for service design practitioners working in the industry. By the end of your accreditation process you will have demonstrated the following knowledge and commitment:

  • Minimum 32 hours of service design training – including the completion of a practical training case – or experience practicing service design in a professional capacity for at least one year. 
  • Understanding of what service design is – also in comparison with other approaches like design thinking, experience design, agile, scrum.
  • Familiarity with fundamental service design literature and a minimum of two different definitions of service design.
  • Understanding of the service design process.
  • Familiarity with the main methods and tools used during the different phases of the process.
  • Experience working on a practical case that aims at improvements or innovations within an organisation.
  • Ability to plan and facilitate exploration and co-creation sessions and use different visualisation tools.
  • Commitment to the process of self-reflection and evaluation.
  • Commitment to the continuous development of knowledge and skills within the domain of service. design through participation in training, workshops and events.
  • Contribution to the service design community as an active SDN member.

Your benefits:

Get recognition as a skilled service design practitioner



Official two-years accreditation certificate and badge that digitally and physically represents your Service Design Accredited Practitioner's status on all media.



Your Accredited Practitioner's status visible on the SDN website with over 15,000 members and community followers.



Automatically become a member of the SDN for the period of your accreditation and gain access to our professional network, events and valuable resources like the Touchpoint magazine and the SDN case-study library with over 70 cases.



By the end of your two-years accreditation period, you can choose to renew your status or upgrade to become a Service Design Accredited Trainer at a reduced cost by following specific requirements.


The Practitioner Accreditation last two years and cost € 450 (incl. VAT). 

The accreditation fee includes the review of your application by the SDN and the two-years professional SDN membership  (worth €360) with all connected benefits awarded with your official accreditation.

By the end of your two-years accreditation period, you can choose to renew your status or upgrade to become a Service Design Accredited Trainer at reduced costs.

Group discount:
If your company is seeking to secure accreditation for 3 or more individuals, contact us to discuss an applicable discount for groups. The accreditation can be a great starting point of newly established service design teams involved in the transformation of your organisation.

Training by the SDN Academy

Before applying for the accreditation, the first step for you if you don't have experience and want to build your skills in service design is to participate in training by the SDN Academy.

The modular online and onsite training courses offered by our Accredited Trainers/Masters will open the doors for the service design way of thinking and doing for you and your organisation!

Learn more and register for the training courses offered by the SDN Academy here.

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