Unlock the unique opportunity you have as an accredited trainer: Partner with the SDN Academy

Dear Accredited trainer,

We would like to remind you to unlock the unique opportunity you have as an accredited trainer: the ability to partner with the SDN Academy to promote the public trainings that you run. 

The SDN Academy (SDNA) relies on a unique resource: accredited trainers like you. You have joined our growing community of trainers who have undergone our accreditation process, which itself was created in response to a need to be able to identify high-quality trainers.

If you choose to partner with the SDNA, you will be able to apply to deliver trainings using our brand in conjunction with yours. These can be both in-house trainings, or public ones, or ones that are given within a university or school. For public trainings, or others in which you have an open registration, you can benefit from the SDNA platform and our promotional activities on your behalf, to attract more participants. We will publish your training on the SDNA website, and use other SDN and SDNA channels. These include our social media channels, as well as email, Slack and potentially local Chapters as well.

In order to start with the process, please have a closer look a this How-to guide, which will guide you step-by-step in registering for the Trainer Area on the SDNA site, from where you can submit information on your public trainings.

Please free to contact us for any other questions, or Marie Kopka at the SDN office will assist in publicizing your course, using the details you put in the form. She can also assist you with any questions as you go through the process. She can be reached at kopka@service-design-network.org