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Digital transformation and new technologies are an opportunity for administrative simplification and require a user centered design approach with the participation of the citizens.

The digital transition is well on its way in an inexorable fashion and brings with it a whole lot of challenges and stakes. The government of Luxembourg has understood the issues at stake and decided to act in a thoughtful & coordinated manner to lead/carry out the digital transformation of the Grand Duchy.

As a result a ministry for digitalisation was created in December 2018, headed by the Prime Minister and Minister for Digitalisation, Xavier Bettel, and the Minister Delegate for Digitalisation, Marc Hansen.

This new ministry manifests the government’s ambition to put the digital transformation at the center of its actions. As the subject is transversal, the government has the firm intention to seize the ensuing opportunities & face the challenges that the digital transformation brings along by adopting a human/ citizen centered design approach.
One of the main objectives is to improve the daily live and the various administrative processes as well as offering the citizens and companies user-friendly, innovative and efficient eGovernment services by using a user participation methodology.

“A major part of the activities of the Ministry for Digitalisation is to make people's life easier” (Xavier Bettel).

The ministry’s attributions are numerous and diverse.

The main aspects are:

-    Digitalisation of administrative processes by applying the 3 fundamental principles of digital by default (each law takes into account electronic means); once only (sharing of information in the administration’s possession); transparency.

-    Digital Inclusion by making digital technologies a chance for every citizen.

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