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Our Experience Design Lab sits within Hitachi's European Centre for Social Innovation. We drive new value for people, society and business through co-creation and design-led innovation.

Hitachi is committed to its Social Innovation Business as a way to contribute to resolving societal issues which are becoming increasingly global and complex.

The challenges facing society and markets are becoming increasingly uncertain and complex with the continuing trend towards greater globalization and more advanced technology. To understand these challenges and deliver beneficial innovations for society, it is important for the Hitachi Group, applying its wide range of product, technology, and resources, to collaborate with customers in creating solutions by sharing anticipated challenges and visions of the future. Hitachi's collaborative creation is an organization that aims to provide solutions by tackling challenges with customers from their perspectives. This approach leads to the customer-driven innovation model which lies at the heart of Social Innovation Business.

Hitachi is using its unique service design and ethnographic research methodology to share challenges, establish visions, and develop solutions with customers. Designers and researchers are working together as one team to create new concepts and design prototypes and demonstrations in visualizing those concepts in order to rapidly deliver a solution to the market.

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