Visual Storytelling

Stefanie McKnight from Inland Revenue Department did a wonderful job stepping in at such short notice to share her insights and experience about visual storytelling.

Huge thanks to Stefanie McKnight for stepping in at such short notice. And pulling together an informative session in only 24 hours :) Sorry about the circumstances for Luke. He has indicated he may be available at a later date. Here are some notes to accompany the slides from Stefanie’s session

  • Engaging stakeholders - by mapping out, able to identify gaps and ask questions they may not have been expecting 
  • Creates good ownership when others have been involved in developing 
  • Get into the theory of graphic design – the meaning behind the work (incl behavioral science)
  • The Mexican Wrestlers – different views of the photo provide different context (5 x photos in ppt) 
  • Understanding the cultural knowledge behind symbols, index etc 
  • Working with different stakeholders and continual testing is so important to understand their view/context 
  • Using dots to provide texture – and if used with arrows, can indicate ‘semi-permanent’ 
  • Gestalt Design Principles (Ben’s note: have included an article I found useful
  • Use of colour, line and tone can make more dynamic 
  • Using things like depth of field to imply time 
  • Western culture – for infographic, most important will most likely be in centre or top left because of how we read 
  • When you’re doing typography coloured – MAKE IT BIG
  • Using tint and shade for pain points – making it darker, stronger...
  • And again, understanding the culture context re colours (see slide)
  • Graphs are for data, infographics are for insights 

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