The first SDN China National Conference & Successful Design Awards Ceremony were held in Shanghai

Starting as early as 2008, we began committing resources and effort to developing service design in China. We began to transform our firms foundational mindset, while remaining human centered, we began to grow our abilities to facilitate co-creation as a way to identify shared value and to define shared purpose for investing in innovation for our clients.

On April 23 and 24, 2019 SDN China National Conference & Successful Design Awards Ceremony were held in Jing’an district in Shanghai. This feast of global service design, by sharing, releasing new books, docking industries, awarding successful design awards, creating designers’ nights and incubating global service design talents, constructed a global service design ecosystem in multidimensional and all-round way.

In 2019, Service Design Network gGmbH, SDN Shanghai chapter, CBi China Bridge and Successful Design joined together and shared resources with each other through SDN China National Conference & Successful Design Awards Ceremony. Relying on a bilateral innovation strategy and the resources strength of service design industry, they displayed and introduced the latest service design development achievements at home and abroad, delivered the latest information of the global industry, promoted the improvement of the upstream and downstream of the service design industry chain, and drived organizational change and industrial innovation with service design.

Around 1,000 professional visitors from more than 10 countries and regions came to the “SERVICE DESIGN FUTURES” show, which took place at 800 show (960 square meters), to see the innovations in different industries, such as automobile, finance, real estate and manufacturing, and the value brought by service design. Nearly 40 speakers from 10 countries spoke to the participants at the conference and discussed innovative business models and service applications of the global service design ecosystem and showcased China’s cutting-edge innovation strategies and service design on the global stage. Huang Wei, the founder of CBi China Bridge, and Birgit Mager, the president of Service Design Network , with other creative teams and internationally renowned experts, expressed their views in the keynote speech of “service design-driven revolution”. The theme forum’s diamond sponsor DOWELL fully supported the theme forum, using the service design methodology to decipher the formation power behind the global innovative strategy.

Without going abroad, people could learn more about service design, which will trigger a learning trend. In the Internet age, each of us lives in a multi-dimensional space, constantly switching between reality and virtual world every day. The technological revolution has brought us more imagination and possibility of a fission revolution to many industries.

Huang Wei, the founder of CBi China Bridge, introduced service design to China in 2008 for the first time. In 2012, she first introduced the global service design creation festival from Europe and began to practice the service design in China. In 2019, with her team, they jointly published the book, named “Transformation by Service Design in China”, published by the Hua Zhang Book of the Machinery Industry Press. This book not only explains the international advanced “service design” concept to different readers in a simple way, but also presents the working methods and values of service design through analyzing excellent service design cases in Alibaba, Huawei, Jingdong, Coca Cola, Starbucks and so on. The service design tools in every appendix of the chapter is also improved through many years of practice in the CBi, which is of great practical value.

Service design drives China’s economic development. It needs both potential works that play a fundamental role and original designs that are fully innovative vitality. These design works that have won these honors represent the highlights of the service design industry from 2018 to 2019. As earthshaking leaders, their enterprises and themselves have a significant impact on China’s service design and even in the world’s service design.

After years of practice and promotion, China’s service design industry has finally boomeed in 2019. Huang Wei was also honored by the press as “the pioneer of China’s service design”. At the scene of the new book launch, the audience asked questions about the advantages and disadvantages and development prospects of international service design and domestic service design, and other questions like how to let them have a better experience in service design, Mrs. Huang answered them one by one.

At present, China is continuously improving the scale of design service industry and digital content industry through policy innovation, technological innovation, culture innovation and etc. On January 10, 2019, the Ministry of Commerce incorporated “Service Design” into the Outsourcing Industry Key Development Area Guidance Catalogue (2018 Edition). Service design is changing the service industry, which contributes to the development of enterprises.

The First SDN China National Conference, which is jointly held by CBi China Bridge, Successful Design and SDN, was dedicated to break down barriers in the ecosystem of the service industry, design industry, academic institutions, artificial intelligence, real estate, auto industry, and catering industry, and then to build an innovative platform that leads to the development of cross-border integration, as well as promoting the composition of the global service design ecosystem.

Service Design Network gGmbH (SDN), which is originated from Germany, has branches in more than 20 countries, is the world’s most authoritative service design organisation. It is the leader of the international design organisation and it also enjoys a high reputation in the field of design. SDN China National Conference and Successful Design Competition were jointly held by CBi China Bridge Co., Ltd and Shanghai Success Business Service Co., Ltd, and has been authorised by the Service Design Network.

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