The 2016 Service Design Award Winners

Last Saturday Oliver King (Engine) and Birgit Mager (SDN) announced the Service Design Award finalists and winners during the Service Design Global Conference in Amsterdam. The Award recognises outstanding work in the field of service design in commercial, public sector and academic categories. Congratulations to all of the winners!


It was a very close race this year since all of the 18 shortlisted projects showed a refined and dedicated understanding of what good service design is and how it can be done. The jury commended 5 winners who stood out amongst the rest as having the most convincing outcomes, the clearest and most well developed process as well as a convincing collection of success metrics that set them apart.

Winner of the 2016 Service Design Award for Best Commercial Project

Submission Category: Professional, Commercial
Company: Brand Manual
Project Title: Apollo - Reinventing the Bookstore
Client: Apollo
Brand Manual redesigned the Apollo ‘bookstore’ into an inspiring entertainment environment; merging movies, books and hospitality to create an innovative and customer centric experience which responded to multiple user needs. The result has been a huge success with a 200% increase in registered customers and a 300% increase in interaction frequency.
View the whole project here. 

Winner of the 2016 Service Design Award for Best Professional Project

Submission Category: Professional, Commercial
Company: Philips Design
Project Title: elAC - Intensive Ambulatory Care Program
Client: Philips Hospital to Home
Philips Design reimagined healthcare for the most complex, highest cost patient populations using telehealth. The newly developed home care programs engaged patients in their own care and resulted in a 27% reduction in overall costs of care from which there’s a 32% cost reduction in acute and longterm care and a 45% reduction in hospitalisation.
View the whole project here. 

Winner of the 2016 Service Design Award for systemic and Cultural Change in the Public Sector

Submission Category: Professional, Public Sector / non-profit
Company: Transformator Design
Project Title: Greenhouses - Prototyping for Change
Client: The Employment Agency of Sweden
The Employment Agency of Sweden assigned Transformator Design to tackle the decreasing trust experienced among customers, employees and the general public and to decentralise developing new services. As a result of the project SEA implemented a service design department and new working methods which increased employee satisfaction by 10 points on the trust score scale.
View the whole project here. 

Winner of the 2016 Service Design Award for systemic and Cultural Change in the Private Sector

Submission Category: Professional, Commercial
Company: Deutsche Telekom
Project Title: Design-Driven Transformation
Client: Deutsche Telekom, internal project
The goal of Deutsche Telekom is to focus internally on embedding user-centricity and an innovation driven mindset into the company’s corporate DNA. Design is used to trigger various forms of forward-thinking transformation using new processes, new mind-sets and new methods. The team developed a diversified training portfolio which is customized to the different target groups: teams, experts, leaders and top executives.
View the whole project here. 

Winner of the 2016 Service Design Award for Best Student Project

Submission Category: Student, Non-profit / public sector
Project title: Leaving Care Service: Re-designing interactions when discussing where a young person may live as they leave care
Name: Gayle Rice
Client: Glasgow City Council Leaving Care Service
Gayle Rice PhD from The Glasgow School of Art won the first Student Service Design Award with a project for the Glasgow City Council - Leaving Care Services (LCS). Rice’s project redesigned interactions between young people leaving care and the support they receive within the process. An important topic to cover as young people with care experience feature prominently in statistics about vulnerable young adults. Glasgow City Council now aims to roll-out this design to 3 additional LCS centres and there are opportunities to share the template of this design with other local authorities in Scotland and further afield.
View the whole project here. 

One thing that unites the award winners is the impeccable process, but also the impact that they had, albeit their conversion impact, building capabilities, or how they had a profound effect on the culture of organisations, or the wellbeing of endusers.”- Head of Jury, Oliver King

The Jury

Atsushi Hasegawa - The President of Concent Ph.D

Lara Penin - Design and Social Innovation for Sustainability Lab at Parsons, New York City

Oliver King - Co-Founder and Director of Engine UK, Head of Jury

Birgit Mager - President of Service Design Network, Service Design Professor at KISD, Germany

J. Margus Klaar - Service designer and Founding Partner of Brand Manual

Kerry Bodine - Co-author of Outside in, keynote speaker & customer experience coach

Aviv Katz - Partner and Head of Service Design at Innovation Unit

Taina Mäkijärvi - Savings & Wealth Offerings/Common Concept Management at Nordea

Anthony Pannozzo - SVP, Experience & Service Design at CONTINUUM



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