Great ways to celebrate Service Design Day 2017!

The Service design community celebrates Christmas, New Year and... June 1st! We want to celebrate our second international Service Design Day with you. We invite everybody to gather and unite their voices under the hashtag #ServiceDesignDay on June 1st.

Last year social media was filled with over 3,000 fantastic Service Design Day posts thanks to you sharing your great events, projects and fun service moments with the world. Let's enjoy belonging to this awesome community and celebrate the power of service design with even more energy this year!

What is it all about?

The aim of the day is to:

  • Celebrate our service design achievements and create a sense of belonging
  • Raise awareness about the value of service design to new audiences
  • Show the world we are an open and international community everyone is welcome to join! 

We will promote your tweets and events through our global channels to let the community know the creative activities taking place across the world.

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Tweets from Service Design Day 2016
Tweets from Service Design Day 2016

How can I get involved?

Do it small, do it big, do it subtle, do it loud! Anybody can contribute and take part on June 1st. You are welcome to try any creative activity on your own or with your organisation. To get your creative juices flowing here are some ideas…

Twitter and Social Media
Always include the #ServiceDesignDay hashtag to make sure your voice is heard

1. Celebrate great local services with our unique SDN stickers! Show your approval whilst raising awareness about servie design. Make sure to take a photo and tweet your undercover sticker bombing.

Download our Service Design Day sticker pack

2. Happy Birthday service design!

How: Let’s go analogue for the day – celebrate your team and achievements with a service design birthday cake or an office party. We saw some pretty amazing bakery by service designers all over the world last year that kept our mouths watering all day!

Great energy from 2016! Poster by LiveWork and Cake by @MyLifeInToronto on instagram
Great energy from 2016! Poster by LiveWork and Cake by @MyLifeInToronto on instagram

2. Service design heroes

How: Who has inspired you in your service design journey and how? Celebrate your heroes on social media by tagging them this #ServiceDesignDay

3. Spread the love

How: Empathy, multicultural insight and collaboration are more important than ever. Share the love and celebrate the fabulous colleagues you work with everyday to make this happen. Take a photo of your team with the Service Design Day heart fingers symbol, and tag all the countries people are from!

The Service Design Day heart fingers
The Service Design Day heart fingers

4. Celebrate your success stories

How: Share quotes, images and infographics that illustrate the power of service design in practice. Let the world know there is evidence that service design can make a difference and help us raise awareness about this growing field!

5. Practice what you preach

How: We know that our community has achieved great things for their clients. Make sure the world knows you practice what you preach and share a snapshot of your internal service design doings.

Great service design spirit in 2016
Great service design spirit in 2016 - by Mormedi and Minds&Makers

6. What is good service design?

How: When you commute to work or go into the office what's your favourite touchpoint? Is it a person or an object and why? Take a snapshot of your favourite touchpoints and let the world know what great service design looks like! It might not be what they expected.

Want to go offline? Host an event:

1. Open Day at your organisation

How: Talk to your university or organisation about hosting an open day to raise awareness about the power of service design in your local community. Open the doors of your organisation on June 1st and give a tour to the public, businesses or special guests. Send them an invite, promote the open day and let people know this is a chance to see what service design can do. It’s a great opportunity to educate and reach new audiences!

2. Host a Business Meet-up

How: Invite local service providers who are new to service design to a 2-3 hour event. Empower them to do service design by sharing your expertise. Attendees can be introduced to service design, shown some key tools such as user journey maps, share their stories and discuss the implementation of service design in their organisation.

Let us know your great ideas for June 1st!

We want to celebrate your creative thinking – so let us know what other activities you are planning for June 1st. We would love to hear from you at:

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