Service Design Day 2021 - Thank you!

On June 1, the service design community came together in recognition of Service Design Day, an occasion designed to acknowledge the power of service design, especially in these challenging times.

Service Design Day was launched in 2016 and dedicated to service design enthusiasts. This worldwide event brings together people from different backgrounds and disciplines to raise awareness around the practice and to create impact in local communities and society-at-large.

This year, we had over 25 international activities happening all around the world in more than 20 countries across 5 continents!

In the past week, we have shown the world the power of service design and how it can help bring together communities even during the most challenging of times. It was so encouraging to see the enthusiasm for service design grow and that momentum continues. Because of your participation, individuals from every corner of the world, had the opportunity to see and experience the amazing potential of our practice.

This last year has been both challenging for many, and a turning point for under-respected communities’ liberation. As designers in a post-pandemic world, we play a critical role in influencing both local and global change through our craft. So, where do we begin?

Speaker/Facilitators: Max Masure (they/them) and Natalie Kuhn (she/her)

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SDDAY Workshop: Starting with Inclusive Design

Join the editors and several authors of the most recent issue of Touchpoint for a roundtable discussion on systems thinking and its value for service design.

Speakers/Facilitators: Josina Vink , J. Tuomas Harviainen, J. Paul Neeley , Suneet Kumar, Kristel Van Ael and Jesse Grimes

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SDDAY Touchpoint Roundtable: Service Design and Systems Thinking

Organisations and service design enthusiasts from all around the world held activities around the "Do Good- Give Back" theme. "Doing good" was interpreted in many different ways by the community, from organising workshops, talking about global/societal issues, sharing resources and tools, having virtual meet-ups, including service design drinks and engaging in many lively discussion on how to give back.

Our amazing chapters also held global-wide events to raise awareness, educate and celebrate service design; overall, there were more than 600 individuals that attended online events worldwide. A big thank you to our chapter representatives for dedicating their time to help grow and connect the service design communitieswe couldn't have done it without you.

The success of Service Design Day is because of your support. Thank you to all the service design enthusiasts around the globe who shouted loud and proud on Service Design Day. Your creativity and passion for service design continue to inspire us. Not only were we positively overwhelmed by your social media activity, but we were also blown away by your activities and initiative to use your service design skills for good!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Service Design Day and for making it so special. It was powerful to recognise Service Design Day with you and we look forward to continuing this initiative for the greater good. 

Service Design Day Word Cloud
Service Design Day Word Cloud

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