SDN Global Café - Join us on November 3!

We hear you! Coming from the Service Design Global Conference, do you still have the energy and excitement to network? Calling all SDN Members, we got a treat for you!

You are all invited to join the first edition of the SDN Global Café event series. A virtual series aims to connect our beloved SDN members, provide more networking opportunities, and tackle relevant Service Design topics.

In this upcoming session, Liz LeBlanc from Livework will present a Touchpoint article, ‘A Better Approach to Measure Service Performance’.


  • Welcome & SDN Update - Birgit Mager and Brian Gillespie (15 min)
  • Presentation and Q&A - Liz LeBlanc Livework (25 min)
  • Breakout session (15 min)
  • Wrap up (5 min)

✅ Sounds interesting? So grab your coffee and sit with us on November 3, 15:00 CET. Register now via the zoom link, which is available on your Member Dashboard under Discounts.

❤️ Want to be a member? Join us!

Snippet from the Touchpoint article:
Companies need a new approach to measuring services; one that is more precise and comprehensive and is linked to specific journey steps across the customer lifecycle. It should be grounded in deep insights into customer needs and motivations, and connect to business and operational measurements, such as costs or efficiency. Preferably, an approach that can easily be scaled for a consistent and transparent way of monitoring service performance — unlocking an organisation-wide practice of informed prioritisation of tactical and strategic efforts. In short, an approach that allows service performance measurements to be a decision-making tool.

Liz LeBlanc
Liz LeBlanc - Lead Service Designer

Liz is a Lead Service Designer at Livework Studio. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, a place where experimentation is encouraged and the process is as important as the outcome. Her Masters of Design is from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, specialising in systems-oriented design. Her projects there ranged from large strategic innovation processes to reference apps, and her work there fuelled her love for complexity. She has always been interested in working within a larger context, looking at how designing interventions impact complex systems. Register through your SDN Membership Dashboard under the Discounts Section. And join Liz as she presents her Touchpoint article ‘A Better Approach to Measure Service Performance’.

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