SDN Academy | Coming Up in May

Here is what's coming up next at the SDN Academy. By joining these courses & lectures, you will be expanding your service design knowledge while getting updated on the latest trends in the service design industry. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the world of service design, these courses intend to advance everyone's skills and career. Secure your spots by marking your calendar and registering today!

Service Design Practitioner Curriculum (Training + Accreditation)

A course with the SDN Acc. Master Thomas Brandenburg and co-trainer SDN Acc. Carol Massá. 

What to expect?

  • You want to build a solid foundation for your service design practice?
  • You want to gather theoretical foundations, methodological skills and practical experience
  • You want to work with like minded peers in a combination of online classes, peer-driven projects, on-demand modules and learning-assignments?

  • And you want to earn a recognised practitioner accreditation issued by the global Service Design Network?

Course Description

  • You will participate in 32 hours of program – structured in 6 modules of online sessions, 5 modules of assignments and on-demand content. In parallel you will work on a practical service design challenge (min. 14 hours of “out-of classroom”).

  • You will have access to high-level resources like templates, tool-kits, literature, videos and tests.

  • You will finalise this program with the SDN Practitioner Accreditation (value 480 Euro) which includes a two-year SDN membership with all its benefits.

Who is this course for? 
Anyone who wants to learn the basics of service design -either a starting point for a career in service design or as a foundation to select service design teams and support and facilitate smaller projects. In this program we will have max 25 participants from all over the world – supervised and coached by one experienced, SDN acc. service designer!

Next to the 6 online modules, the trainers offer Online Live Supervision on specific dates & times. These sessions are not mandatory.

This SDN Academy Service Design Practitioner Curriculum fee is billed at registration and includes: Your access to 32 hours of training program, access to the SDN Practitioner Accreditation process (worth €460) and a two years of SDN Membership with all connected benefits. 

General Info 
Dates:  May 8 - July 31, 2023
Hours:  17:30 to 20:30 CDT (GMT-5)
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Course level:Basic
Location: Zoom





Service Design Leadership Lab

A course by Dr Tina Weisser

What to expect? 
Nowadays, leading (service design) teams is a very responsible and demanding task in both traditional and agile organisations. This two-month learning journey is designed to support current or prospective leaders in managing their broad range of daily tasks. The course aims to enhance your leadership skills holistically, addressing these three dimensions: leading yourself, leading your team, and leading the organisation. There will be a rich blend of different formats (inspiring theory and lectures, interactive sessions, peer-to-peer reflection, self assessments and case clinics) to support you in working on your real-work situations. You will also be able to connect to like-minded people in a safe space and learn from the experiences of others. Every participant will be matched to another participant, his, or her "Buddy". The theoretical impulses will encourage you to rethink or develop your own leadership attitude.

What are the takeaways from this training?

  • Develop your own leadership role and attitude by applying a set of methods, tools, and mental maps

  • Use a „Transformation Architect Tool Box“ for leaders and know about their impact

  • Reflect on your own behaviour through self-assessments and reflecting on real situations

  • Learn about different theories on how to empower and motivate your team

  • Be a catalyst for empowering your organisation to embed service design 

  • Foster an innovative and creative mindset

  • Transfer learned models and theories to your real work situations through hands-on activities

  • Connect with other leaders, sharing insights and learnings in a „safe space“

  • Become the leader that people would love to follow

Who is this course for?
Service Designer with a current or new to a leadership role. Senior Service designers or experienced Service Designers, Innovation or UX managers, Product Owner. Anybody interested in leading Service or UX Design or Creativity within organisations.

  • No prerequisite required. 

  • Max. of 16 Participants for the duration of 3 months. There will be an additional follow-up after the course

General Info
Dates: May 9 - July 27, 2023
Hours:  15:00 - 18:30 CEST (Module 1-3)
             12:00 - 14:00 CEST (Case Clinic)
             12:00 - 14:00 CEST (Module 4)

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Course level:Advanced
Location: Zoom

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Common mistakes in Service Design and CX Process

A course with SDN Acc. Master Piotr Wojciechowski

Course Description
Join SDN Acc. Master Piotr Wojciechowski for a training session that will change your perspective on errors in the design process. Let's face it, mistakes happen to everyone but not everyone talks about them. We need to realize that they are an integral part of our work. During this meeting, Piotr will share his personal experiences with mistakes and those of his team while working with corporate clients. 

You'll learn how to deal with these challenges and explore alternative solutions that could have been implemented at the time. By attending this training, you can expect to leave feeling empowered with a list of ready-made corrective actions ready-made just for you! Don't let errors hold you back from achieving success - join us today!

What are the takeaways from this training?
What you will learn:

  • about mistakes that have been made in real projects with clients

  • what to do when they occur 

  • about proven tools and practices from working with corporate clients

This course is based on Piotrs 7.5 years of experience as a service designer, CX consultant and founder of a boutique agency. It certainly doesn't exhaust the topic, but it gives a solid dose of practical knowledge about the darker side of service design and customer experience projects.

Who is this course for?
Service Designer, Customer Experience Specialist & Managers, UX Designers

General Info 

Dates:  May 16, 2023
Hours:  3 PM to 6 PM CEST (UTC+2)
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Language: english_language_icon.png English
Course level: Basic/Intermediate
Location: Zoom


Strategic Design in Organisations

A course by Carol Massá

What to expect? 
Today, more than ever, the role of design is to shape human needs as we deliver new service models to improve human lives. As design professionals, we continue to experiment with new ways to provide solutions for complex problems.

During this two-part course, you will learn about the role of service design in organisations today, identify design challenges from an inside and outside-in perspective, and ultimately start to take actions to close gaps between people, processes, policies, and platforms in your organisation.

What are the takeaways from this training?

  • Introduce key service design concepts that help convey the value of the practice and how to get buy-in to do this work

  • Share insights on main challenges when doing this work in mid to large size organisations 

  • Illustrate how service design acts as an strategic connector between departments in corporate and consultancy settings

  • Empower participants to become cultural change agents in their organisations

Who is this course for?
Service Designers; UX Designers; Design Researchers; Experience Designers; Experience Strategists

General Info 
Dates:  May 24 - 25, 2023
Hours: 9:00 - 11:00 AM EST
Language: english_language_icon.png English
Course level: Basic
Location: Zoom


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