Member Welcome Board

The SDN new Member Welcome Board (Trello) has just launched and it is most assuredly a "must-read" for all. Members both old and new and even those in the making will benefit from an easy to follow path towards maximising your membership and getting the most value from all we have to offer!

Yes it’s Finally Here: THE SDN Member Welcome Board

Attention SDN Members (and those in the making): As the saying goes, “Better Late than Never” which leads us to the exciting announcement of the launch of our New Member Welcome Board.

Membership at the SDN is chock full of compelling benefits and there is no better way to guide you towards discovering all its advantages than via our new Welcome Board. In joining our network, you have become a part of an established community of practitioners, academics, students and engaged stakeholders through which to raise your voice and affect positive change. Our welcome board, in turn, will help guide you to the right resources, the right people and the right support to ensure you truly maximise your experience. We believe passionately in the value of our network and are, in turn,  consistently challenging ourselves to deliver new and impactful experiences to help our members grow, learn and develop. This Trello Board will lead the way. 

Because you will only get out of membership what you put in, understand that the best benefit you can give to yourself is participation. Register for our conferences, join our online courses, engage with your local Chapter, or volunteer on one of our honorary boards. Know that there are no limitations on how you can truly maximise your experience! 

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