Let's celebrate the Service Design Day 2018 on June 1st!

The SDN German Chapter is looking forward to celebrating this year's Service Design Day together with the community and all people who like to share their best service experience with the world!

People often say "Servicewüste Deutschland" (Germany, the service desert). But is this really true? We are certain that there are plenty of awesome service experiences in good old Germany. We would like to invite you to prove this to the world at next Service Design Day on June 1st!

How do you do that? Well, it is quite simple:

Step 1: Prepare

  • prepare a photo or a short video snippet of 6 seconds about your best service experience
  • you don't have to wait until June 1st, you can start right away

Step 2: Share

  • on June 1st upload your contribution in your favorite social media channels
  • label it with #ServiceDesignDay or one of the other hashtags below
  • let us know why this is one of your best service experiences

Step 3: Celebrate

  • enjoy other people's contributions
  • and: don't forget to thank those people who made your best service experience possible
#ServiceDesignDay #MyBestServiceExperience #MyServiceHero #June1st

The Service Design Day is about celebrating Service Design, raising awareness and bringing the community together!

Naturally, Service Design Day should reflect the discipline’s spirit and energy which is why we chose June 1 - June originated from the Latin word, young. So join us at the beginning of the youngest month! Together, we will celebrate service design, raise awareness and create impact!

What is the Service Design Day About?

Service Design Day Promotional Image -- Service Design Network
Service Design Day Promotional Image — Service Design Network

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