Exploring how we can redesign "The End", so that it has a better chance of being "Happily Ever After".

Our November event sold out...and with our stellar speakers we weren't surprised.

On November the 30th the SDN UK hosted an event for the wider Service Design community and, through sheer serendipity, all speakers' sessions focused on the theme of Death.

AlbertA Soranzo (Lloyds Banking Group Service E2E Service Design Director), gave a frank talk about dealing with digital legacies after death.

Ben Terrett (Co-Op Group Design Director) spoke about the death of traditional Marketing (and the rise of Service Design).

Both speakers swapped prudish reserve for candid curiosity, covering taboo topics including: 

Death, Sex and Toilet Seats.

The full video of these sessions will be available on this site in the next few weeks.

Thanks to City University for hosting the event (we're looking forward to their HCID Open Day next year)

Thanks also to all of the international chapters who helped us to learn from their experience. Thanks to the glorious Finns the inspiring Dutch and the sparkling Chicargoans.

Check out Alberta's video for further details --
Check out Alberta's video for further details
What's the collective noun for Service Designers?
What's the collective noun for Service Designers?

Join us on the 25th of January at Future Cities Catapult for our next session: Designing for a Healthier City.

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