Celebrating our international Chapter teams!

The National Chapter Board and SDN Global are excited to announce the first ever SDN Chapter Awards. The Award Ceremony will take place during SDGC17 on November 1st 2017.

There are now 29 international Chapters with teams of volunteers working hard to raise awareness and grow the market for service design because they passionately believe it is the key to social and economic success in their local community.

The Awards commend five chapters for their great work, commitment and achievements when it comes to chapter events and initiatives. The ceremony at SDGC17 will highlight the value of our chapters, celebrate their success and raise awareness amongst SDN members about their work. The winners will have their initiatives showcased as examples of best practice that our community can learn from on stage and in an exhibition.

Winners announced during the Exclusive Members Day Event on November 1st
Winners announced during the Exclusive Members Day Event on November 1st

The award will take place each year, this year the categories are:

Award for Excellent Event Organisation

This aims to celebrate and draw attention to chapters that are successfuly organising and managing events.

Award for Best Public Relations

Good communication and promotion is vital to grow the market for service design and reach new audiences. This award recognises a high level of commitment to promoting local and global SDN activity by the chapter.

Award for Best Member Relations

Chapters host local, culturally relevant and highly personalised initiatives for our members. This award commends excellent engagement with local members. and celebrates the chapter’s commitment to developing, growing and communicating with the local community.

Award for Most Innovative Initiative

This award celebrates the most unique and successful chapter initiative, event or project of the year.

Award for Excellent Cultural Inclusivity

This award celebrates the amazing work many chapters do to raise awareness around service design and make their local community feel included in the global discourse by trasnlating materials.

We can’t wait to find out who the winners will be! Stay tuned to hear more in the next Touchpoint Issue, at the SDGC17 ceremony and via our global media channels.

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