5 meetups in 4 cities closing the first year of the SDN Poland Chapter

This was an incredible year for us and for the Polish community of service designers! Not only we founded the SDN Poland Chapter and held the inaugural meeting. We held as well the Chapter’s co-creation workshop and a series of 5 meetups in 4 cities integrating the community of service design professionals and enthusiasts. On top of it, we received the 2018 SDN Chapter Award for the Best Public Relations. What a year…it set us the bar for the next year way up high. But before we present you our plans for the second year of SDN PL, we will shortly brief you on the most interesting insights from the 5 meetups in 4 Polish cities: Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan and Warsaw. They provided a platform of exchange on service design implementation in different sectors: consulting, banking, medical, insurance and automotive.

# 1 Meetup in Warszawa: you need to be flexible and pragmatic in design; you need to be open to mistakes and iterations.

Presentation of a case study on the application of Service Design in banking sales by Magdalena Macko, Customer Experience Director, ING Bank Slaski and lessons learned from the Service Design process by Wieslaw Kotecki, Experience Design Leader, Deloitte CE.


# 2 Meetup in Poznan: behavioral economy is a valuable source of customer data, enriching the design process and leading to better results.

Presentation of key insights on behaviour modelling in a design process by Dawid Wiener, Managing Partner and Head of Research, Cogision, and of a case study on Agile transformation by Andrzej Pyra, Senior UX Designer and Jakub Tyczynski, Designer and Agile Coach, Santander Bank Polska.


# 3 Meetup in Krakow: identification of leaders within the organization is crucial to ensure its successful transformation. Trends in SD: Journey Manager and netnography.

Presentation of a case study on transformation and innovation in an automotive industry by Carolina Pietyra, Aktan and key insights from the Service Design Network Global Conference in Dublin by Katarzyna Mlynarczyk, CEO, Socjomania and Co-founder of SDN PL.


# 4 Meetup in Warszawa: showcase the success of design process at its early stages to engage top decision-makers in the process; iterate persona: start with bullshit persona and then recreate it with emotional matrix, extremes and Persona Detector.

Presentation of a case study on transformation of digital platform by Adam Kryszkiewicz, DocPlanner and Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi, Design PROVISION, and case study on sales conversations by Wieslaw Kotecki, Experience Design Leader, Deloitte CE.


# 5 Meetup in Gdynia: to successfully transform company giants with rigid system you need to co-create with clients from the very beginning of the design process.

Presentation of a case study on design for institutions by Ewa Urbanska, Strefa Startup Gdynia, Agata Baginska, Strefa Startup Gdynia and Natalia Gromow, Biblioteka Gdynia, and case study on transforming one of the international aviation giants by Katarzyna Pankiewicz, Director Software Production and Magdalena Laine-Zamojska, User Researcher, Lufthansa Systems


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