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Join us for a highly interactive workshop, where we'll explore how improv can enhance the service design process. Participants will gain fresh perspectives on storytelling, collaboration, ideation, and prototyping through engaging exercises and games. This inclusive workshop requires no prior experience. Seriously, we mean it. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn how to embrace the playful spirit of Improv.

Course Learning Objectives: 

What you will learn:

  • Through exercises discovery how to be a dynamic active listener 

  • Learn the improv mindset to overcoming the fear of making mistakes—and override your critical inner-voice

  • Discover how to rapidly explore and prototyping ideas

  • Through exercises practice better communication and storytelling 

Who is this course for?

Design novices and seasoned designers

Course prerequisites

This inclusive workshop requires no prior experience

Financial Inclusion

We, as the Service Design Network, support financial inclusion as part of our DEI mission (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), based on the world bank clusters. So, if you think you are eligible, please contact us at


High-level Agenda 

  • Overview of values and benefits of improv for designer
  • Team building exercises

  • Role playing and prototyping exercises 

  • Critique 

  • Overview of other methods and exercises 

  • Recap and reflections 


When? June 1st, 2024 | 2-5:30PM CEST / 7-10:30AM CST

Prices until April 30, 2024 
€145 | SDN Member Ealry Bird Price 
€165 | Non Member Ealry Bird Price 

€170 | SDN Member 
€190 | Non-Member 

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