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Tamara Kartoziia
King's Lynn | United Kingdom

Professional Service Designer | Master's in Marketing | SDN Accredited Service Design Practitioner

Tamara Kartoziia AutoDoc, Professional Service Designer, Customer and Market Insights

I am a service designer from Ukraine with a strong marketing background, knowledge in psychology and research/analytical hard skills.

I've lived and worked in the UK since June’22 (have a work permit).

I have a Master's in Marketing (confirmed by UK ENIC).

I called the Service Design Thinking approach "Dancing with needs and value". I translate insights from market and user research into business opportunities and help develop solutions that create value for market interactions. I worked closely with multinational project teams, encouraged them to apply design thinking, helped to identify and prioritize features, Initiated development of solutions for identified needs according to business goals and available resources. I created ideas, concepts, prototypes and validated and tested it.

I identified service gaps in the customer journey and helped Customer Experience Management to create a holistic customer experience through a cross-team workshop series designing tangible artifacts.

As a service designer for an e-commerce company, I ran more than 10 projects of varying complexity in 2022:

● multinational cross-team workshops to identify service gaps, to craft features from U-test etc, which have now turned into independent projects.

● fully innovative projects starting from Identification of a client's unconscious need through the service-design stages to concept and prototype testing, some of them are already taken by the development team to the backlog for implementation.

● Artifacts created: User-story, Stakeholders map, Ecosystem map, Empathy-map, Value map, Customer Journey map, Service Blueprint, Business Model map, JTBD-canvas, Personas, Market-research & Customer reports, Innovation Culture score etc.

● Stakeholder NPS 90% and above.

I am skilled in service design tools that enable me to find solutions to out-of-the-box business problems and develop innovative projects.

I have a passion for exploring, being able to research and work with large amounts of information, finding insights and opportunities. I know how to identify points of growth and turn client issues into a clear action plan. I can facilitate or teach a team to find solutions to complex problems, develop a rapid prototype and test it, thus creating a competitive product.

I am a proactive, positive and highly motivated individual. I am interested in understanding motivations and ways of thinking of the people around me. I have been studying psychology since 2018 and am certified to pass levels of the Symboldrama psychoanalytic method.

I am an ex-marketer, a specialist in research, marketing analyst, brand strategy, marketing communications with more than 11 years' experience in food companies, the restaurant and entertainment sector, and household appliance distribution. In 2021 I supervised the marketing of 11 European brands in Ukraine starting from research, project development to implementation and performance evaluation.

Feel free to text me to find common ground and understand how I can be useful to you/your team/business.

To me, service design means...

I called Service Design -"Dancing with needs and value". Service Design for me is a way to craft innovation.

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