About Sam Hollingum

Sam Hollingum
London | United Kingdom

Anthropologist | Design Research | Service Design | Digital Business Transformation | Musicologist

Sam is passionate about... design and culture, service design methodologies, design education, user experience, field research, observation, digital transformation, empathy-building, storytelling, Diary Studies, Co-creation, Ethnographic Research, business design, Workshop, participatory design and Customer Centricity

Sam Hollingum Spotless Interactive Limited, Senior Design Researcher
“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view"

- Atticus Finch

As a trained Anthropologist, Samuel brings a combined 8+ years worth of academic, market, consumer, design and digital business transformation research experience with him. 

Drawing upon his extensive international experience across Europe, APAC and North America, Samuel embodies a living and breathing passion for understanding what makes humans tick and collaborating with others to solve big wicked problems.

To me, service design means...

bringing voices to life, processes to the forefront and the surrounding implications for consideration and refinement. It is through the living and breathing obsession with all facets of humanity that contribute towards my experience and development of Services, to help other be better than before.

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