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Kevin Yuen
f | United Kingdom

I like to help organisations become more human.

Kevin Yuen Spotless Interactive Limited, Service Design Director

Most of my time is spent understanding how environments and processes impact the well-being of people.

So many of our environments and processes are determined by organisations, who have a great opportunity to evolve the way we engage with each other.  I try to reduce organisations down into individual responsibility to treat every one with respect, fairness and a sense of optimism to improve our world.

I love the process of finding out about human behaviour. I get energised when I work with others in finding the solutions that excite and address our human needs. I get a kick out of sketching out a 'Service Design', in whatever form that may take.

To me, service design means...

Service Design is our great opportunity to help organisations become more human! I have an inbuilt optimism that we can make the world better by considering the human experience much more fundamentally, in the way we create environments and processes. Practically, that means I am often trying to get to the essence of the opportunity. I like to sketch out the opportunity space on single pages: For example, here is the 'user universe' and here is the 'interaction landscape' that the organisation has the opportunity to create.

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