About Prof. Vicky Tiegelkamp

Prof. Vicky Tiegelkamp
Hamburg | Germany


Prof. Vicky Tiegelkamp Playframe Design Consultancy, Researcher, Service Designer & Consultant

Hello everyone! I have been working for 20 years with B2B clients from different industries. In the last couple of years I am focusing on Human-Centered Design in my consulting work (Strategy, Innovation and Organizational Design). I love to show clients (managers ...and students!) new perspectives, new methods and new ways of thinking. I am curious to learn new things and look forward to an exchange of thoughts and inspiration.

To me, service design means...

With Service Design one can track down what is unclear, not transparent – and make it visible! Often for the first time as a basis for a dialogue about the issue. Service Design is a necessary translation work in today's work processes.

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