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Perttu Monthan
Helsinki | Finland

Pushing the boundaries

Perttu is passionate about... design and culture, service design thinking, innovation, user experience, trends, benchmarking, workshops, participatory approach, customer loyalty, qualitative research, touchpoint analysis, cultural change, service vision, service blueprint, service concept, strategic, digital transformation, organisational change, co-design, interdisciplinary, empathy-building, employee experience, system design, sustainability, communication, continuous innovation, value proposition, storytelling, service strategies, team collaboration, concept validation, service innovation, service roadmap, co-design sessions, concept sketching, customer experience, future scenario, customer journey, desktop research, experience prototyping, Double Diamond, user-driven innovation, innovation process, business besign, business model, AI, Customer Centricity, service Strategy and Workshop design

Perttu Monthan DK&A / NoA, Business Architect & Designer

I'm a digital business advocate with 20+ years of experience in helping organisations succeed through design thinking, lean start-up philosophy and agile development. My approach to business and service design is both holistic and pragmatic. I love working in agile multidisciplinary teams for a better tomorrow. 

To me, service design means...

Through service design we ensure that, whatever we are crafting, is created for users - fulfilling their needs and delivering measurable value. That said, it is equally important the value capturing logic is well-thought, and enabling the service is feasible and has a positive impact.

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