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Nicholas Morozowich
Savannah | United States


Nicholas Morozowich

What if the world just needs to know what you’re capable of doing?


Through my transdisciplinary experience I explore the space between continuous improvement and radical innovation to uncover emergent strategies with design thinking: crafting experiences with equal parts creativity and critical thinking.

Whether corporate, startup or academia, I inspire and empower creativity in projects and imagination in teams to bring big, audacious ideas to life, to make them future-proof and resilient. I believe in style with substance and cake with icing.

After several years teaching design thinking and service design to future leaders at the top design school in the US and consulting for serial entrepreneurs, I work with burgeoning industry leaders to hone their strategic voice and make an impact for change in their lives and the world. I revolutionize personal brand through strategic storytelling and narrative design® with BLURBSi.com in collaboration with storylab®.

Also, I’m co-authoring a design thinking workbook series with a best-selling author, the first will launch in 2020.

My end-to-end focus with startups has taken me from design researcher investigating trends and foresight at an early-stage incubator to project manager using storytelling design to craft demo-day pitch decks at a customer acquisition-phase accelerator to mentoring/consulting through rapid-growth challenges before launching my own startups as a founder and co-founder.

After obtaining a BS in Industrial Management (IM), I spent several years expanding value-added programs in client development and strategic partnerships, including pricing, sales, and strategy - I needed more. In fact, I knew that business needed more, too. I decided against the traditional MBA, leaning into strategy and the future of business at Parsons School of Design in New York obtaining a MS in Strategic Design and Management (Design Thinking). I was awarded a teaching fellowship and have stayed on as faculty ever since.

To me, service design means...

Service Design is a purpose - a way to inspire amazing ideas that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable within the evolving global economy. Service Design is a point-of-view - a way to immerse oneself into a subject to ensure the development of empathy for users to unlock unmet needs, behaviors, motivations and aspirations. Service Design is a tool - a way to identify opportunity spaces that point to new areas of design by facilitating co-creation, prototyping and testing with users to bring ideas into practice.

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