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Markus Fredholm
Västerås | Sweden

Innovation Consultant synthesizing technology and business

Markus is passionate about... service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation, prototyping, customer engagement, customer loyalty, empathy-building, customer journey, service improvement and CX

Markus Fredholm Comcus Committed Customers, Innovation Consultant

After working 22 years in the technology space in various roles such product owner, pre-sales consultant, technology consultant, product manager and CTO I have pivoted to Service Design. Running my own firm providing Service Design to companies predominately in Sweden and specially in the region of Mälardalen.

I have a big love for simple effective processes that put the human in the center. Co-creation with clients building deeper understanding of obstacles and how to find constructive ways rounding or building bridges.

Moto: Adopt a child's mind and curiosity!

To me, service design means...

Service design to me is the creative, agile process in helping an organisation getting more out of their processes. It´s the happy thoughts of a better more human world, it is the challenging work with structures and people to create something more valuable.

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