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Katy Barnard
Amsterdam | Netherlands

Design research for meaningful and positive change

Katy is passionate about... well-being service, digital transformation, co-design, ethnographic research, AI, culture, contextual research, co-design sessions, ethnographic, qualitative research, co-creation, inclusive, field research, interviews, workshops, sustainability, nature and design and culture

Katy Barnard STBY, Design Researcher

Katy is a design researcher at Stby in Amsterdam, but is originally from the west coast of the US. They are passionate about understanding humans and working to create a more sustainable, ethical and empathetic world, with a particular interest in the (mental) health and environmental impacts of digital technologies. They do this by creating safe spaces for open conversation and exploration. Katy began their career as a photographer and visual designer which led them into the world of digital design and then to design research, as they sought for deeper meaning in their work. The theme that has stayed true throughout their diverse career endeavours is that they remained dedicated to doing work that connects people, creates meaning and values well-being. Katy has worked for clients including Spotify, Google, Thomson Reuters, Amazon, Ford, What Design Can Do, the Netherlands Cancer Institute and more.

To me, service design means...

Service design means understanding people & planet and creating services inline with their needs.

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Touchpoint Article Paving the Way for Ethical AI Integration

Paving the Way for Ethical AI Integration

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