About Felipe Rocha Melhado

Felipe Rocha Melhado
Linköping | Sweden

Humanity-Centred Service Designer

Felipe Rocha Melhado

A global citizen, born and raised in Brazil with a multicultural background that further extends the context of three continents. I firmly believe in harnessing design as a force for positive and transformative change, delivering comprehensive systemic value to businesses, humans and the planet alike.

???? As a Service Designer, I explore ways to construct a better world by merging co-creation, planet-centric thinking, and creativity to shape a sustainable and inclusive future that transcends borders. I yearn to become a catalyst for innovation, where creativity and technology converge to serve society's needs through weaving meaningful human and interspecies experiences.

✨My essence is a vibrant concoction of a heart in the logic of technology as well as a mindset in the playfulness of art. I see myself as both 'the fly on the wall' and 'the fly in the soup,' bringing keen observation and investigative skills to uncover the subtleties of life experiences whilst infusing projects with creativity, artistic flair, and an adaptable, hybrid mindset.

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