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Federico Francioni
San Jose | United States

The work of a designer today is 50% creative, 30% business-connected and 20% tech-oriented

Federico is passionate about... service design thinking, innovation and AI

Federico Francioni Meta, Head of Digital Ecosystem

Born and raised in Tuscany, I completed my telecommunications engineering studies in Finland and started my professional journey in Milan. Since 2013, I'm chasing my 'American Dream' in Silicon Valley.

I describe myself as a De·sign·egist, /dəˈzīnəjəst/, part service designer, part digital strategist. For the last 15+ years I've combined these two attributes to bring together diverse mindsets and perspectives and craft innovative experiences for all kinds of users.

My expertise is the combination of a technical education enhanced by passionate knowledge of strategy & operations, user experience, design thinking and emerging technologies. 

I love to get my hands dirty and experiment with new tools and canvases, through continuous iterations. I'm passionate about inclusive design and workplace experience, leveraging blogging and podcasting as an outlet to share my thoughts with digital practitioners, creative thinkers and design enthusiasts.

When I step away from my computer, you can find me on a sand court playing beach volleyball, my "well-being addiction" for the last 23 years.

⭐️ Specialties:

- Digital Strategy

- Enterprise Collaboration / Employee Engagement

- Future Vision & Innovation Design

- User Experience

To me, service design means...

The art & science necessary to collaboratively create a cohesive end-to-end flow that combines frontend and backend experiences, as a balanced result of business needs, user preferences and tech possibilities.

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