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Elena Sofia Doria Facilitator and trainer

♥ Born in the enchanting city of Venice in 1987, I've always had an insatiable wanderlust. Traveling has been an integral part of my journey, shaping my perspective and igniting my passion for the world of tourism.

♦ After completing my studies in Tourism Management, I embarked on a journey of academic exploration by enrolling in Political Science at the University of Padua. Of course, my travels continued unabated, providing me with diverse cultural insights.

♣ My entrepreneurial spirit led me to establish a tourism service agency, specializing in training and managing tourist assistants. Through this endeavor fostered my passion for creating educational and service-oriented programs.

♠ Taking a bold step forward, I founded a Tour Operator specializing in experiential and sustainable travel with a careful reflection on what it means to contribute as a tourism operator to environmental protection and sustainable development.

☼ As my journey evolved, so did my career. I transitioned into the role of a consultant and trainer in tourism marketing strategy (guided by the visionary principles of Design Thinking, which eventually evolved into a deep commitment to the world of Service Design) and hospitality management (specifically in the fields of Customer service and Cross-cultural communication), where I've had the privilege of sharing my expertise with others.

▲ The global pandemic, COVID-19, challenged the very core of the tourism industry, prompting me to adapt and innovate. I used this time to contribute to the travel world by penning articles on travel and gastronomy, seeking to inspire and connect with fellow enthusiasts even when physical travel was restricted.

♫ In a twist of fate, I relocated to the picturesque Marche region, where the rolling hills and serene landscapes welcomed me. And, true to my nature, I rekindled my passion for exploring new horizons.

☻ Today, I proudly hold certification as a Trainer endorsed by the Marche Region, armed with a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality. In addition to my current role as a trainer and facilitator, I am currently expanding my horizons by pursuing a degree in Communication Sciences.

To me, service design means...

I've ventured into the world of Service Design, applying the principles of Design Thinking to enhance the customer experience. This multifaceted journey has given me the privilege of wearing many hats.

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