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Anthea Meredith
Johannesburg | South Africa

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Anthea Meredith AM Connect 360, Director and Founder

Hi, I am Anthea Meredith.

Wife, mom and business owner of AM Connect 360. My love for design started when I was a little girl at nursery school. I didn't know it at first

but when I look back at my life this was it! I loved drawing communities and towns, connecting with people and to their needs. My drawings

would go round and round the border of the classroom. My dad who I lost when I was very young gave me so many gifts of life and design that I will always lean on, always seeing someone or something from the inside out and "to never judge a book by it's cover". My dad loved technology and I was fortunate enough to be exposed to this early in life as well as my love for creating beautiful things with design, fonts and colours. My career journey has taken me through many journeys from being a Podiatrist to working for one of South Africa's biggest corporates, Discovery.

Working at Discovery for 18 years and gaining skills and experience in all business industries, functions and feeling proud of the purpose this

company offered all it's stakeholders and the community. Then moved into further roles and career growth for a smaller sized company Kaelo,

allowing me the opportunity to live and find purpose in many other ways. During my last few years at Discovery and "building the bank" my mom became very ill. In the last weeks of my mom's life we celebrated her life and courage. This is when I made the decision to start my own company so that I could impact and touch as many people as possible to truly make a difference in our world and their personal lives. I pride myself in having excellent organisational skills with an engineering mindset and passion for service design. Expertise in organisational design for the future and enabling the future of marketing through content engineering. Some of my key strengths is to function strategically, tactically and operationally with perfection. I have a strong and committed work ethic, purpose driven, significance and values orientated being my highest priorities.

AM Connect 360, South African Johannesburg based company was founded by Anthea Meredith in April 2021. With over 27 years' experience, I have been helping organisations to solve and manage issues, create value, maximize growth and improve overall business performance, with our extensive experience and skills to provide objective guidance and expertise. Enabling skills that organization's may be lacking and transferring these skills and or enabling them.

Delivering people centered, sustainable and scalable solutions aligned to the organisation's vision and strategic goals. Understanding each

unique element of their business, identifying and shaping them to see the unique value in each with a 360 view.

Building and connecting through an experienced and defined approach, personalised to the unique level of the businesses maturity and skill

levels. Supporting the future models and key business objectives by creating meaningful connections to empower people, processes, content, technology and behaviors with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints.

De-cluttering and enabling organisational change. I have a strong and committed work ethic, purpose driven, design with significance, values

and people orientated being my highest priorities.

Always Be Kind in all that you do!

To me, service design means...

According to AM Connect 360 Service Design Connects all disciplines in a 360 meaningful experience. Identifying never before seen value and shaping them to see their unique value in each.Alway's focusing on people experiences first! Service Design brings about human connection and purpose.

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