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Alessandro Carelli
Milan | Italy

"People who seek the certainty of externally structured, well-defined problems will never appreciate the delight of being a designer.” Nigel Cross

Alessandro Carelli Tangity — part of NTT DATA Design Network, Lead Service Designer

I Am A Service Designer And User Researcher With Over 15 Years Of Expertise, Blending Research And Practitioner Experience In Design

Addressing ‘wicked’ problems, is what motivates me as a designer. My greatest strength is in guiding design teams to adopt the most appropriate and effective design approach in every step of the end-to-end design journey. My satisfaction comes from helping organisations to become aware of the transformative potential of design, and to be more ambitious and confident in what they can achieve.

From the initial exploratory phase to the delivery, my goal is always to help stakeholders re-shape their vision, services and business goals to meet the needs, motivations and values of their users and partners.

I have been designing and researching for 15+ years in Italy, the UK and Japan. This international experience has taught me previous assumptions can easily be challenged, and that the following learnings are always helpful:

  • Be respectful, patient and pragmatic to inspire long-lasting changes in the organisation’s culture through design
  • Start every project with an end-to-end and agile mindset to bridge the exploratory phase with that of delivery
  • Good supervision makes all the difference – I take responsibility for every designer under my supervision and help them to move ahead in their own journey
  • Carry out design research with rigour; be open to critics and always treat participants with gratitude and respect

Throughout my design career things haven’t always gone as planned. I know how it feels to miss a long-anticipated goal, and this has taught me the inestimable value of empathy and respect towards those who support others and help them when they need it.

Please feel free to connect with me via Linkedin. I am always looking forward to insightful and friendly conversation with like-minded people.

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