About Alejandra Villacis Miranda

Alejandra Villacis Miranda
Amsterdam | Netherlands

From Graphic Design to Service Design and beyond!

Alejandra Villacis Miranda Veriteer, Service Designer

Hello Community,

I'm Alejandra (or Alex if you are challenged in your Spanish) and I'm a service designer living and working in the Netherlands. I'm passionate about talking to people, researching their surroundings and coming up with scenarios and journeys that can later turns into profitable services not only businesses but also for society. I'm a proactive individual that loves to work in teams and shine as a unit. With many thoughts and opinions, I think we need to listen first to then confidently share. I believe design can impact the world for the better when all stakeholders are included, when the planet is seen as a living entity and not a source to be extracted.

To me, service design means...

Means using creative thinking and design methodologies to solve wicked problems.

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