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Author - Eloise Smith-Foster

This digital publication celebrates the amazing work of the SDN Chapters. Last year saw five new chapters become official, four chapter run national conferences and a variety of other unique chapter initiatives which we commend in this publication.

Click to see the Chapter Success Stories 2016 Publication

The Service Design Network remains connected to the progress of service design at a national and international level due to the strong network of local SDN chapters around the globe.  These chapters are empowering because they enable the organisation to respond quickly to local needs and remain in touch with key national issues. Together, we bridge the gap between the global network and your local community. 

SDN Chapters are franchise institutions that are autonomously incorporated and managed. They are currently located in more than 20 countries on 4 continents. We receive over 10 applications to start a chapter each year, and we announce 2-5 new official chapters per year.

In the Success Stories publication we will present you with some of the amazing success stories our chapters have experienced within the year 2016. Follow the links to discover more about each chapter project. We hope that these Success Stories will act as inspiration for your service design activities in 2017.

We look forward to a great collaboration and to supporting more innovative chapter projects in 2017!

For more information about chapters check out the posts on our chapter websites or contact chapter management at SDN:


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