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Atopic Dermatitis is a chronic, systemic, and immunological disease. Following the approval of the molecule in Latin America, a pharmaceutical company asked us to design a patient support experience program to be implemented in Colombia geared towards offering comprehensive support to the various actors involved.

Service Design Award 2022 Finalist Project

Atopic Dermatitis Is A Condition Beyond A Skin Disease - by Haptica

Category: Professional Commercial

Client: Sanofi

Location: Chile

Project Team: Camilo Niño, Lucía Peña, María Camila Venegas, Maria Camila Garcia, María Borrero,
Javier Durango, Johjann Rodríguez, and Lorena Herrera


Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common skin diseases. Up to 10% of adults and 20% of children are diagnosed with atopic dermatitis every year. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic condition which, particularly when it appears at a very early age, is difficult to diagnose and difficult to cope with at each stage of the patient's life due to its physical and psychological implications throughout development. Dupixent is a drug developed by Sanofi that meets the medical characteristics to help patients cope with their moderate or severe disease.

To succeed in introducing it into the Colombian market, our challenge was to create a 360 impact strategy involving patients, supporting staff, physicians and caregivers in order to achieve adherence to the program and to the drug in a way that is much more relatable and relevant to all those involved throughout the experience.

To meet the challenge, we determined that since it is a chronic disease, we had to devise a strategy segmented by age groups, whereby the recommendations and supporting services would respond appropriately to the needs, pain, and level of knowledge of the patients according to their age.

This is why our patient program design focused on the first life cycle of adults and then adolescents. In the latter, we proposed to do an in-depth research to learn the specificities of this age group and to immerse ourselves in the context of adolescents and caregivers to learn about their reality in relation to the disease, diagnosis and treatment on a day-to-day basis.

With all the information gathered we were able to prioritize insights that we used to carry out a co-creation session with the Sanofi team to understand the world as children and adolescents do, immersed in a digital world, surrounded by information overload and the freedom to make decisions on various issues that shape their personalities and behavior.

Finally, we designed a program for patients with a look and feel in which we resorted to graphics and designed contact points that explicitly allude to determinants of our life cycle, shifting away from the conventional parameters of the pharmaceutical industry to look after our patients and ensure a better relationship with the product from start to finish.

The whole project is available in the case studies seciton.

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