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Yuriko Sawatani
Tokyo | Japan

CEO, Design for All

Yuriko Sawatani NUCB Business School, Professor

Co-founder & CEO@Design for All, work@business School, Ph.D.

Dr. Yuriko Sawatani is professor at NUCB Business School, and director at Entrepreneurship Center. She received her Ph.D. at The University of Tokyo. After working at IBM Research, she received a professor position at Waseda University in 2013 and has the current position since April 2018. Her research investigates the design function of companies focusing on Service Design, Innovation Management, and Entrepreneurship. Her research activities involve working with companies to support organizational transformation to a service economy and innovation management. Her accomplishments include MEXT Enhancing Development of Global Entrepreneur Program and its follow-on program. She wrote a book about service science and papers on service research management. She is active at service science communities (INFORMS Service Science, Society for Serviceology, Frontiers in service, Human Side of Service Engineerings(HSSE)) and R&D management.

Main books: Handbook of Service Science, Volume II(Springer), Global Perspectives on Service Science: Japan(Springer), Serviceology for Designing the Future(Springer)

To me, service design means...

Methodology (methods and process) of service design, Practice to transform a company to service business utilizing service design methodology, How service design team can change product based company culture, etc...

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