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Doris Choo
Singapore | Singapore

Design + Research + Sustainability

Doris is passionate about... participatory approach, collaboration, Experience Testing, Ethnographic Research and service implementation

Doris Choo Nanyang Technological University, Project Officer

Service-oriented professional with over 5 years of experience in service management and operations. Motivated by a genuine interest in enhancing service quality, by designing effective customer experiences, optimising service processes and business operations, and developing innovative solutions.

With an aim to provide exceptional customer experiences, I had further developed key skill sets, such as service analysis and user research in my recent roles. I am proficient in utilising research methodologies, including interviews, observations, and ethnography, combined with analytical thinking to facilitate informed decisions and implementation.

With a strong interest in human-centred design and sustainable solutions, I am thrilled to continue contributing to the growth and development of services and innovation, and to create exceptional experiences and innovative solutions.

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