With the revitalisation of SDN Germany Chapter, new insights can be brought to the German service design community.  More importantly, those who are interested in service design can come together to raise public awareness of how service design has the capacity to impact academia, the public sector and private businesses.

For us, service design is a characteristic attitude towards solving the wicked problems of today and creating great experiences for people. These endeavors are complex and require people from various backgrounds to collaborate. They may have different skill-sets, but are guided by the same design principles: human-centered, holistic, co-creative and iterative.

Aims of SDN Germany:

  • To go wide, go out, create awareness and hunger for service design in the private sector, the public sector and among people in general.
  • To go deep, strengthen the community behind it - by learning from each other, learning with each other, inspire and collaborate.
  • To showcase the work of the service design network for one part, while simultaneously expanding its substance with new insights, formats and expertise.
  • We want to apply service design principles on our working and develop this chapter by focusing on human needs and developing and testing concepts iteratively:
  • We want to present practical expertise, and combine it with academic insights.
  • We believe that working in regional clusters works best to get in contact, facilitate conversations and become a platform for Germany service designecosystem. And we believe that we can interact across Germany by exploiting today's digital tools.
  • Most importantly: we want to create something that is relevant for you, and are thus open for collaborators from various fields, for ideas for formats and questions to pursue and for collaborations with other communities or networks.
Juliane Amlacher
Juliane Amlacher - Systemic Coach, Strategic Innovation Consultant and Service Designer

Juliane is a strategic innovation consultant, systemic coach and service designer innovating politics, NPOs and economy. Her additional passion is bringing people with business and life issues to their highest self-fulfillment.

Thomas Weltner
Thomas Weltner - Human centred Designer for Creative Innovation

Thomas supports innovation and change as a freelance service designer, interviewer and impulse giver with background from digital transformation, branding, arts and mindfulness.

Mitra Khazaei
Mitra Khazaei - Service Design Research and strategy at Deutsche Telekom AG

Mitra's passion is to create meaningful experiences and innovative, socially responsible service strategies. With a background in industrial design and a PhD in service design strategy and playful customer experience her goal is, like many other designers, to try her best for a more happy and more beautiful world.

Philip Marzoch
Philip Marzoch - User Experience Consultant at User Interface Design GmbH

Motivated to help revive the German chapter, deal with service design topics, network, share and gain knowledge.

Tobias Gerhardt
Tobias Gerhardt - Geschäftsführer at pergo Consulting GmbH

Motivated to exchange knowledge; make service design more popular and spark interest in applying service design methods.

Helmut Ramsauer
Helmut Ramsauer - Managing Partner at SPINPARTNERS GmbH

I am a senior digital strategist & business transformation expert. I have long standing experience in strategy consulting, corporate development, innovation and design. Having been both a founder and a senior executive, my expertise ranges from start-ups to global brands, mainly in the mobility, automotive and insurance industries. Using Service design for business transformations at corporates. Exploring the blurring borders between design and business consulting and how it is reflectd by consultanies and agencies. I am mixing both worlds, e.g. used DT methods for business modelling and at hackathons, did strategy development and business model innovation for consultancies and design agencies and was co-organizer of the "Business Design Jam" during the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW)

Ellen Blümm (Press Contact)
Ellen Blümm (Press Contact) - Service Design Thinking Coach and Business Consultant

Ellen is a design thinker, service designer and business consultant working for companies and universities.

Karel Golta

Karel loves everything that has to do with innovation, transformation, and progress and puts all he learns into practice in his two companies, Indeed Innovation and Tools of Innovators. While Indeed is a “human-first” design and innovation firm, Tools of Innovators offers practical tools and techniques that enable each and every employee to innovate.