About Vivian Carvalhais

Vivian Carvalhais
- | Brazil


Vivian is passionate about... service design thinking, design education, innovation, SERVICE implementation, future scenario, service strategies and collaboration

Vivian Carvalhais Thoughtworks, Lead UX Strategist and Service designer

I am a strategic professional with a proactive approach to research and knowledge dissemination. My keen interest lies in gaining insights into the perspectives of colleagues, particularly in the realm of design and problem-solving methodologies.

My primary focus is on service design within the domain of Digital Transformation projects. This role affords me the opportunity to developer into a new contexts, enhancing both employee and customer experiences. It also involves aiding organizations in resource optimization, streamlining processes, and fostering innovative solutions.

I have a strong appetite for exploring diverse industry sectors and their unique challenges. Each foray into a new sector is met with excitement, as it presents a fresh canvas for learning and growth.

To me, service design means...

Service design offer a set of methodologies to improve experiences and reduce friction, to connect various perspectives through visualization though co-creation.

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