Nossa missão é promover e disseminar o conhecimento em Design de Serviços para que possamos ter membros igualmente distribuídos por todos os estados do país. Acreditamos no aprendizado colaborativo e participativo, não só entre os profissionais, mas também  na sinergia e participação das empresas de design, do mercado,  de escolas, de instituições de ensino e universidades.

Pessoas são nossa grande motivação!

Nossa razão de existir é incentivar a criação e desenvolvimento de sistemas produto-serviços que beneficiem a sociedade e as empresas através da tecnologia.

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Our mission is to promote and disseminate knowledge in  Service design so that we can have members distributed equally by all states. We believe in collaborative and participatory learning , not only among professionals but also the synergy and involvement of design companies, market , schools, educational institutions and universities. People are our great motivation!

Our reason for being is to encourage the creation and development of product-services systems that benefit society and business through technology.

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bio - SDN Brazil / Strategic Designer & Service Innovation Leader

Does Erico have these skills or expertise? Interaction DesignRemove suggestionUser ExperienceRemove suggestionUser ResearchRemove suggestionUser-centered DesignRemove suggestionDesign ThinkingRemove suggestion Type another area of expertise... What is this?EndorseSkip Relationship NoteReminder Tag Connected 6/5/20132 years ago Posts 2,887 followersPublished by EricoSee more Pós-graduação em DESIGN DE SERVIÇO - turmas 2016 em Curitiba e São Paulo (Universidade Positivo) Pós-graduação em DESIGN DE SERVIÇO - turmas 2016... January 31, 2016 Pós-graduação em DESIGN DE INTERAÇÃO - turmas 2016 em Curitiba e São Paulo (Universidade Positivo) Pós-graduação em DESIGN DE INTERAÇÃO - turmas... January 31, 2016 PÓS-GRADUAÇÃO - Novas turmas do programa Design Centrado no Usuário em 2016 (Curitiba e São Paulo) PÓS-GRADUAÇÃO - Novas turmas do programa Design... December 14, 2015 Background Summary Consultant in Strategic Design & Service Innovation + UX Global Shaper & Startup Mentor I have been designing software, websites, appliances, devices, and services that are used by millions of people every day around the world. I have been working with user research, design thinking, UX strategy, service design and interaction design for global brands since 1995. In the early 2000s, I was a pioneer for igniting Service Design and Interaction Design movements in Brazil. Nowadays I’m leading IxDA (Interaction Design Association) and Service Design Network initiatives at the local market. I'm pioneer lecturer of design thinking, service design and interaction design in Brazil (since 2007). I have hundreds of projects delivered for clients such as: Nokia, Google, HP, Diebold, Samsung, Positivo Computers, Vivo, Claro, Oi, GVT, TIM, HSBC, Itaú, Caixa, Bradesco, Bolívar Insurance, Urmet Daruma, Sagem Orga, Volvo, Renault, Volkswagen, GM, Electrolux, Whirlpool, O Boticário, Mondelēz, Sky, Carvajal Group, America Latina Logistics, Petrobras, Brazilian Federal Government, and others.

bio - Strategic Designer & Service Innovation Leader

My professional history starts in 1994, as a Software Engineer, developing corporate software. In 2003, newly titled Master in Computer Science, I became CTO of the Court of the State of Pará, with the challenge of coordinating 60 people. Way back in 2010, living in Rio de Janeiro, when coordinating a group of 40 professionals, organized in teams of developers in various technologies (Java, DotNET, Ruby, etc.), I've realized the increasingly growing clash between the commercial demands (customer insight) and IT. It had to change! After some studies and workshops, I understood that I could use the service design thinking as an approach to equate the problem of implementing the real needs and desires of customers in the development of digital solutions. From 2011, with expert help, we implemented the area of Digital Service Design in a software factory. It was a time for learning, and after six months we succeeded. Currently, as Strategic Designer (specialist by the Instituto Europeo de Design), I've been using Service Design Thinking techniques to help companies like Samsung, Itaú Unibanco, Mondelez, Sky, Insurance Group BB MAPFRE, Sebrae / RJ, among others, to create digital solutions, putting people in the center of the development, generating results financially viable, and technically feasible. I am co-founder of the Service Design Network Brazil, whose mission is to encourage the creation and development of product-services systems that benefit society and business through technology. I am also a facilitator of DesignThinkers Academy, giving lectures and workshops on Digital Service Design. In 2003 I wrote the book "E-Commerce for Small Businesses"​ published by VisualBooks as a result of my master's degree.

bio - Co-founder & Strategic Designer at PorQueNão

Strategic Designer and Mobile Planner with extensive background in service, product and graphic design projects. Specialized in integrating resources, partners and actors needed to reach a given strategic objective. Direct experience with understanding complexity and developing strategic planning: problem-setting / problem-solving. Interested in generating corporate visions through selection of information, identification of trends and the creation of NEW future SCENARIOS. Passionate on observing and understanding people, their interaction with products and its position within the market. Skilled on working with projects from Concept to Execution, from Strategic Thinking to Business Planning. PROFILE: Pro-Active, Creative, Innovative, team worker, enthusiastic and energetic. Lateral Thinker. Entrepreneurial. Specialties:Digital Consulting, Strategic Design, Product-Service-System Design, Trend Analysis, Future Scenario Building, Corporate & Market Analysis, Business Plans, Sales Strategy Development, Project Planning, Lateral Thinking, New Products, Graphic Design, Video Recording & Editing, Motion Design and Professional Photography.