Chapter events Service Design Drinks

Service Design Drinks

Networking Event. Come meet new people and old friends.

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Chapter events Innovation Safari at Chick-fil-A

Innovation Safari at Chick-fil-A

We are very proud and excited to offer you (what we hope will be only the first in a series) an innovation safari! We'll spend the afternoon learning and visiting prototyping facilities at CFA!

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Chapter events 4th meeting: Service Design Book Club

4th meeting: Service Design Book Club

Let's finish the book! Join us at our 4th meeting for the Service Design book club.

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Chapter events Service Design Book Club

Service Design Book Club

We are beginning part 2 of our Service Design book club. This time we are focusing on articles. This meeting will co-hosted by Jenise Thompson, one of our awesome book club attendees.

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Latest Global Events

Other Events (Cologne) Service Design and Future Forecasting

(Cologne) Service Design and Future Forecasting

By developing a structured way to think about the future, we can find ways to look beyond the noise of the present to work towards preferred outcomes for service providers, users and stakeholders.

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Other Events (Cologne) Service Design Implementation

(Cologne) Service Design Implementation

Successfully implementing service design projects is crucial to create an impact for companies and service designers. This one-day workshop will reflect on strategies to ensure that user experience concepts aren‘t blocked internally and get removed from the priority list or fail on the market.

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