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Join us for our first SDN DC lunch + learn series with our guest Peer Insight.

Early in the Human Centered Design process, the focus is on needs finding and identifying the jobs-to-be-done via ‘discovery’ research methods like ethnographic interviews. Later, those needs are translated into low-fidelity, testable concepts that can be refined through test and learn ‘evaluative’ research methods.

While many companies are becoming proficient at spotting unmet needs and opportunities, the initial market testing is frequently where they stumble, because they require new capabilities and mindsets to conduct affordable in-market experiments. Figuring out the right methods, learning agenda, and test criteria can be quite tricky, yet critical to the success of the solution.

Join us for our first SDN DC lunch + learn series with our guest Peer Insight. In this session, they'll share what they've learned about in-market experimentation, including when and how to do it, best practices, and case examples.

About our facilitator:

Natalie Folie is CEO of Peer Insight and Founding Partner of PI Ventures, a strategy and innovation firm that partners with leaders to drive new growth and turn ideas into reality. They do this by merging the creativity of design thinking with the discipline of in-market experimentation. Peer Insight believes in the power of user insight to ignite innovation and agility within organizations, and believe everyone is an entrepreneur, a designer and a creative thinker.