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Join us as we discuss the purpose and execution of behavior change as it relates to service design

Human behavior has become an increasingly important factor to consider when designing services. As customers, employees, and other actors move through a service, their actions can be analyzed as responses to various stimuli – creating an opportunity for designers to leverage the knowledge of behavioral scientists to better understand the principles of human behavior in order to create more intentional, improved experiences.

Join us as we discuss the purpose and execution of behavior change as it relates to service design. The session will feature a panel of behavior change experts and designers as we discuss the intersections of behavior change and service design, playing close attention to the places of opportunity and friction between these two disciplines.


Emory Nelms | Director of User Experience for Government Savings Programs, Ascensus

Emory Nelms is the Director of User Experience for Government Savings Programs at Ascensus. In that role, Emory leads efforts in partnership with state treasuries and other policymakers to offer financial products that make it easier for individuals and families across the country to save for their financial goals. These products include state-facilitated retirement programs, 529 education savings programs, and ABLE disability savings plans. Prior to joining Ascensus, Emory worked as Sr. Behavioral Researcher at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University and as a Sr. Research Associate at Prosperity Now.


Allison White | Senior Behavioral Researcher, Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University

Allison is a Behavioral Researcher in the Common Cents Lab at Duke University's Center for Advanced Hindsight. At the lab, she designs and tests solutions to improve the financial well-being of low- to moderate-income individuals. Prior to joining the lab, Allison spent four years as a User Experience Designer at Deloitte Consulting. She enjoys finding intersection points between behavioral science and human-centered design, and exploring what the two disciplines have to offer one another.

Brandon Schauer | Senior Vice President, Rare

Brandon leads Make It Personal for Rare, the non-profit’s program to engage Americans in the 7 behaviors that have the biggest impact on climate change. Brandon adds to Rare’s expertise in behavior change his own experience in the design of consumer experiences from his days as CEO of the influential design firm Adaptive Path. Adaptive Path was acquired by Capital One in 2014, where he led design of many of the consumer-facing digital experiences.

Olivia Lucas | Service Designer, Harmonic Design

Olivia is passionate about solving complex problems for organizations by focusing on humans, their needs, behaviors, and motivations. She is passionate about continuously learning and pushing her Service Design practice further. Olivia's favorite aspect of Service Design is immersing herself in new industries and learning the ins and outs of organizations to develop solutions that drive value for the organization, its customers, and its employees. In addition to her Master's in interaction design, Olivia will also complete her Master's in sociology this Spring.


12:00 - 12:10pm - Intro and welcome

12:10 - 12:30 - Panelists’ brief presentations

12:30 - 1pm Panel discussion

1:00 - 1:15pm - Q+A