Nordic Service Design – Skåne Screening

The award-winning documentary on Nordic Service Design is attracting huge audiences. The nordic SDN chapters Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark have put the spotlight on great work; to connect, celebrate and promote Nordic Service Design, highlighting the expertise of the designers and their relevance worldwide.

The new SDN documentary NORDIC SERVICE DESIGN came to Spegeln Bio, Malmö on Feb 8. The 100-year-old building has hosted a movie theatre since 1934 and the interior from the past made a perfect contrasting backdrop to the brand new movie on service design in the Nordics.


The sold out event brought together design consultants and in-house designers from a variety of industries, alongside a few interested clients! After the documentary, Mats Huss moderated a panel session consisting of Ulrica Nolke (IKEA), Philip Sandell (Skånetrafiken) and Russell Morgan (Verisure). There was a rich discussion between the audience and the panel covering topics such as: challenges for embracing service design, the value added by service design and the need for more service design best practices and tools to convince external stakeholders to use service design.



Following the panel, drinks and snacks were served and the discussions continued until late. The interest in this event coupled with the enthusiasm amongst the attendees provides an opportunity to host more SDN events in Skåne in the future.


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Enjoy the documentary below:

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