We believe that service design can help create better life for people in Sweden. 

We are a network that aims to facilitate a joint effort leveraging knowledge, competences and methods across management, marketing, research, and design disciplines.



Organisations that create well-designed services will provide better value to employees and customers and therefore have a sustainable advantage.

As a young and emerging field, Service Design facilitates a joint effort leveraging knowledge, competences and methods across management, marketing, research, and design disciplines. Service Design offers a shared language and empowers holistic thinking, human empathy and experience prototyping.




For the economy and society to thrive in Sweden, this approach can offer fresh energy, new approaches and a more integrated toolbox. The opportunity is vast. Currently 74% of GDP are in the service sector whilst service quality and service productivity lack far behind. As we emerge out of the old industrial paradigm, new models and new ideas are needed. However, instead of a new department a new collaborative connective tissue is required.

Sweden is the perfect environment for Service Design to work. People appreciate a high quality of life and are keen to support society in that way. Digital technology and mobile standards are extremely well developed and adopted. Agencies and client organisations have high professional integrity.

We see a need for sharing, facilitation and collaboration amongst different key stakeholders including client side organisations in the private as well as public sector, agencies of different kinds, educators, academics, policy-makers, customers and society.



  • Network individuals and organisations committed to better value
  • Champion and celebrate better services and customer experiences
  • Champion and celebrate more effective and efficient organisations
  • Support the adoption across enterprise, education and policy
  • Share ideas and solutions



Service Design Sweden was initiated by

  • Anders Frostenson
  • Daniel Ewerman
  • Stefan Holmlid
  • Stefan Moritz

We started out with Service Design Drinks in Stockholm back in 2009. Since then we kept in touch and discussed, planned with a lot of people in our networks how we can act as catalyst for Service Design.



Stefan Moritz
Stefan Moritz - Vice President Customer Experience at Veryday

Stefan’s background is in design with a focus on service innovation, customer experience and transformation leadership. He has worked with governments, public sector organizations and blue chip brands such as adidas, IKEA, Disney and Philips. Stefan regularly gives keynote speeches, runs workshops, coaches executives and teaches at universities. He is Vice President Customer Experience and Director of Service Design at Veryday, one of the world’s top-ranking design and innovation consultancies. Stefan lives with his wife and three children in Stockholm, Sweden.

Magnus Bergmark
Magnus Bergmark - Business Strategy Director at Doberman

Senior strategist with substantial experience in Customer Experience Design, Service Design and Digital Product Design. Formerly a web entrepreneur that founded one of Sweden's most successful digital agencies.

Daniel Ewerman
Daniel Ewerman - CEO and co-founder Transformator Design and Member of the board of Konstfack

I am an entrepreneur, the co-founder and CEO of Transformator Design Group, one of the pioneering consultancy companies within the field of Service Design and Customer Experience Design. I am also a board member, columnist and a frequent keynote speaker on the topic of Customer Experience, Service Design and Service Innovation. My first book ”Customer Experience - Why some organisations succeed ... and other don’t” was published in Swedish, May 2015.