Our vision:

1. Awareness

Create a broader understanding of what service design is to a larger business and public sector audience. This will essentially be a more formalized and concentrated approach to our current activities. We also look forward to utilizing the tools and resources made available to us through SDN to move this forward. 

2. Knowledge

We look to educate members within Saskatchewan about the tools, methods, tactics and resources available in applying service design to their professional work and endeavors. Our hope is to create a number of experts across Saskatchewan who can have an impact on improving services delivered within the province.

3. Community

Currently, service design practitioners and advocates reside in pockets throughout Saskatchewan. Our knowledge of these people is based on the reach of our own personal networks. Our hope is to create a more formalized, active and empowered community of practitioners who will support the execution, growth, promotion and members of service design across the province.  

4. Advocacy

With a community of service designers comes the ability to demonstrate its value to those using and delivering services. Our hope is that this will have an impact on its acceptance as a formalized professional practice and may even become part of the curriculum for the province’s post-secondary institutions.

bio - Service Designer

Morgan has immersed himself in the practice of service design. In discovering the practice five years ago, he has evolved his responsibilities and focus from digital user experience to a more holistic view of a multi-touchpoint experience. A full time service designer, Morgan’s background with certification usability analysis and user experience established the foundation for his current focus of understanding how current services are being offered and the design of how they can be offered in the future. Working across a large enterprise, he facilitates collaborative design sessions that highlight solutions and experiences that matter to the people that are impacted by changes to services or by introducing a new service or process. Morgan has strong experience using tools such as Service Blueprints, Journey Maps, Experience Maps, Eco-system Maps, Interviews, Service Safari's, Sketch Boarding, Wire frames and more. He not only was key in implementing service design as a core function within his organization, he’s also co-founded the service design company Tesani Design. His passion for service design and the potential impact it can have on business and public services is his main motivation for developing a SDN chapter within Saskatchewan. A current advocate and evangelist, he hopes to leverage the guidance and tools of SDN to allow him to continue to promote service design to the masses.

bio - Senior Strategist

Jason’s background is in marketing but his focus on developing great customer experiences led him to service design. He discovered its practice when he was responsible for developing the digital strategy for a national organization. Since then, he’s continued to grow his expertise and knowledge of service design through conferences, workshops, consuming literature and most importantly, practicing it in his day-to-day work. Jason was key in implementing service design as an accepted method of developing strategy and planning in his organization. He delivered countless presentations, facilitated workshops and met with senior leadership to promote its benefits and fit within the company. Along with Morgan, Jason started Tesani Design, the service design consulting business. Establishing himself as a thought leader in this space within Saskatchewan, Jason has delivered presentations on service design at local conferences and speaking engagements. He’s also actively met with other companies to spread the word about the benefits of service design. Jason is anxious to support the growth of service design in Saskatchewan and see it evolve within the local business community.

bio - User Experience Designer

Trent has over 20 years in the digital space before evolving into a broader focus of service design. His career has included stints as a business owner, working at agencies and now in a larger corporate environment. He currently works as a service designer at a financial institution taking on service improvement, process engineering and product development initiatives. Trent was critical in implementing the practice and acceptance of service design within his current organization. Much of Trent’s day includes facilitation and development of service blueprints, design sprints and sketchboarding, development of personas, prototyping, journey mapping and other design research. Trent is a Certified Usability Analyst from Human Factors International and also has his UX Certification from NN/g. Trent is passionate about service design and is a strong advocate for its adoption in a variety of businesses and organizations.