Chapter events Service Design Day

Service Design Day

We'll be supporting Alia, a non-profit redesigning the child welfare system.

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Chapter events SDN Meetup at Worrell Design

SDN Meetup at Worrell Design

Come join us for our monthly SDN meetup with presentations and discussions around service design.

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Chapter events Prototyping and Experimentation Case Studies

Prototyping and Experimentation Case Studies

Get to know the special insights from our members. They are sharing experiences on prototyping and experimentation case studies.

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Chapter events Sept 27 Meetup @ Periscope

Sept 27 Meetup @ Periscope

Our next monthly meetup will be on Thursday, September 27, from 5:30 - 7 pm at Periscope (921 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415). Morgan Zuehlke (Director, Connected Experiences at Periscope) and her team will be hosting a session exploring how to educate or bring along clients who might not understand service design or its importance. They will also be hosting a Service Design Jam at Periscope for the first time in the spring and would love to hear from us about what past jams have been like, and what we might like to see for the one they'll be hosting in the spring. We'll have drinks/snacks at the meeting, and Morgan mentioned that their office is dog-friendly! No need to book a ticket - just show up!

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Latest Global Events

Other Events 2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Course – December 2019

2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Course – December 2019

Workshop & agenda design for different types of workshops Problem statements & reframing Facilitation theory, tips and hands-on experience with a real case study Core Design Thinking workshop flow as a starting point for future workshop design

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Other Events Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership is not a typical leadership strategy. It’s a transformational process in which individuals use their innate creativity and potential to realise the goals of their organisation or project.

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