Our theme for our first meeting is connections. Our goal of our first meeting is to connect service designers in the Cities who haven’t before and to gather feedback about what people hope to get out of future meetings and our chapter.

Our chapter’s vision is to:

• Build a strong network of all the service designers in the Cities that would not otherwise connect.

• Hold events that dig deep into case studies, provide advice, and critique each other’s work.

• Identify needs in the community and offer service design support.

Molly Fuller
Molly Fuller - Service Designer at Blue Cross Blue Shield & Founder Molly Fuller Design

Molly has practiced service design in healthcare since 2011 at the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation, Harken Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, and Livio Health. Molly is motivated to bring together a strong community of service designers to continue to grow and learn from others. She’s motivated to build dignified and empowering services through design.

link - Founder & CEO, We Sparkle Co.

Michelle is an experience designer and strategist for various nonprofits and startups. Michelle’s motivation for starting a SDN chapter in Minneapolis is to help connect people in the service design field so that we can collaborate on projects that help strengthen and improve our community.