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Motoharu Kuroi
Tokyo | Japan


Motoharu Kuroi Neuromagic , Founder and CEO

I am the CEO and founder of Neuromagic, a multi-faceted experience design agency with offices in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Okinawa, and Amsterdam.

Neuromagic was founded as a two-person operation in 1994, with a specialty in multimedia website planning and production. Since then, we have adapted, grown and developed alongside the ever-changing landscape of digital production, business and design. 

One of my missions is to address the environmental challenges my generation has left for the next and I work closely as an active member of our Sustainable Transformation (SX) department.

To me, service design means...

In many ways, we as a society have already realized the minimum necessary functions for daily life. However, there are still cases in which a function is necessary and is either underused or does not exist yet, because both consumers and providers have not recognized a need for it. What is the key to creating new added value in the midst of commoditization, making the underutilized available for use, or creating something new? A subjective evaluation of the individual in relation to the product or service, and the emotions generated in that relationship. Service design is a core concept we can use to realize these positive relationships.

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