SDN日本支部(SDN Japan Chapter)は、2013年に日本でのサービスデザイン意識の高まりにあわせて設立されました。日本において、特に製造業をはじめとする多くの企業がグッズドミナントロジック(GDL)からサービスドミナントロジック(SDL)への移行を図っており、サービスデザイン分野の研究と実践、そして情報交換はますますその必要性を高めています。



  • 長谷川敦士, Ph.D./株式会社コンセント 代表 武蔵野美術大学 教授
  • 武山政直, Ph.D./慶應義塾大学 教授
  • 岩佐浩徳/株式会社レアゾンホールディングス 執行役員
  • 赤羽太郎/株式会社コンセント シニアサービスデザイナー


SDN Japan Chapter held the first Service Design Japan Conference in May 2013, with 200 participants; it was very successful. And since 2014, SDN Japan Chapter are having a series of regular discussions named Service Design initiative.


SDN Japan Chapter Representatives:

Atsushi Hasegawa, Ph.D. / President, Concent, Inc.

Masanao Takeyama, Ph.D. / Professor, Keio University

Hironori Iwasa / Executive Officer, Reazon Holdings Inc.

Taro Akabane/ Senior Service Designer, Concent,Inc.


Everyone with an interest in current developments in service design is invited to join this Service Design Workout: service design practitioners, students, lecturers, researchers, managers, etc. The evening is organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft.

Atsushi HASEGAWA - President at Concent, Inc.

Having worked as an information architect since 2000 in Japan, Atsushi founded Concent in 2002. As a president at Concent, he has led service design and communication design projects for Recruit (Japan), Sony, Toyota, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, etc. Atsushi is also a board director of the Human Centered Design Organization Japan. In recent years, Atsushi has lectured and run seminars at Musashino Art University, Tama Art University, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology Japan, and Chiba Institute of Technology. He is the author of Information Architecture 100: Information Architecture Design for User Experience Design.

Masanao Takeyama
Masanao Takeyama - Professor of Keio University, Ph.D.

Masanao Takeyama is a professor of consumer research and service design working for the faculty of economics at Keio University. At Keio, Takeyama has been directing research projects to develop innovative methods and techniques for service design and apply these to business practices for major Japanese global corporations such as Toyota, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Sony. Besides the experiences at Keio University and ACTANT, Inc., he worked as a senior research fellow for the Mobile Society Research Institute, established by NTT DoCoMo Inc., studying Japanese youth Keitai (mobile phones) culture. Takeyama was also the director of the project called Cross Currents, which aimed at designing a website for US-Japan cultural interaction, for the US-JAPAN Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange organized jointly by the governments of both countries. Most recently, Takeyama founded ACTANT, Inc., the Japanese first service design consultancy to help organizations in various fields for developing innovative services and businesses.

Iwasa Hironori
Iwasa Hironori - Executive Officer, Reazon Holdings Inc.

Iwasa's main areas of expertise are UX design, marketing and branding. After studying information design at Tama Art University, he worked at Recruit Co., Ltd. where he promoted company-wide development of company-wide internal development programs such as OFF-JT, OJT, and UX improvement schemes. Currently, he is in charge of the UX/UI design organization as an executive officer of Reazon Holdings Inc. He is a visiting professor at Musashino Art University.

Taro Akabane
Taro Akabane - Senior Service Designer

Taro currently works at Concent, the first design agency in Japan. The firm, which prides itself on having an expert team of service design professionals in its employ, began work in the field in 2012. As a service designer, he has been in charge of a variety of projects, including the improvement of the service experience and service workflow, introducing design thinking into both public and private organizations, and designing services for a new market, all while serving as the team manager of a 20 more member of service designers and UX designers.